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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Welcome to the future. Or Japan, anyway.

I recently came across a blog about life in Japan. This blog is dedicated to clearing up many of the mysteries and misunderstandings about the often confusing habits of socially conscious Japanese women. Apparently, Japanese women do not enjoy the thought of other women hearing them urinate. So much so that some enterprising inventor found a lucrative market for THIS. It is far cheaper for building owners to install these little beauties in every stall in the ladies room than it is to pay for the water expended when a pee-shy Japanese woman flushes repeatedly to conceal the sound of her micturition, as if nobody knew what she was doing. My one question is, does it have a volume setting? This little guy might mask the sound of a dainty little Japanese lady letting loose the juice, but how about dropping the kids off at the pool?

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