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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From Houston, TX to Leeds, UK

Recently, I signed up to become a member of the International Mixtape Project, or IMP. It is basically a music exchange program that spans about 30 countries. Each month, you are assigned a member to whom you have until the end of that month to send a mixtape (or CD) of your own design. In turn, you will receive a new mix from a different member each month. I have not yet received my first mix, so I can't speak to the quality yet, BUT I am hopeful. They have a MySpace page; you should check it out.

My first IMP mix was going to be based around a concept I read about on Pitchfork a few months ago. It was an article on Meta-Music, which is basically any piece of music that recognizes itself as such and makes reference to its own nature. Rock, of course, is rife with examples of the meta. I intended to open the mix with Joe Strummer screaming "This is a public service announcement! With Guitar!" A fitting opener, I thought. Sort of establishing a conceit running throught the, now Meta, mix.

Alas, I ran out of time to collect and compile enough meta songs to fill out the mix. This is not, mind you, due to a dearth of meta. I was able to find a ton of majorly meta songs, even a few appropriate instrumentals, such as Public Image, Ltd.'s Lou Reed (parts 1 & 2). The problem was availability. I didn't have most of them on any albums, and was hard-pressed to find enough in mp3 form in time to send out the mix. Perhaps I will save the concept for a later date. FYI, local musician friends, I have plans to use some of your stuff on said Meta-mix. Linus Pauling Quartet will be gracing the ears of some lucky international music listener, providing the soothing sounds of Linus Theme.

Due to an inability to get my shit done, I defaulted to a very lazy method of mix-tape creation. The alphabetical survey:

IMP 001/December 2006
Disc One
Eye Shaking King/Amon Duul II
Tokyo/The Books
Guitar Trio/Rhys Chatham
Freak Scene/Dinosaur Jr.
Creature with the Atom Brain/Roky Erickson
Dark End of the Street/Flying Burrito Brothers
Cet air-la/France Gall
Mississippi/Half Japanese
Abominable Snow/Islands
Fly on the Wall/Jesus Lizard
Kashmere/Kashmere Stage Band
Multiply/Jamie Lidell
Aurora Borealis/Meat Puppets

Disc Two
Holland, 1945/Neutral Milk Hotel
Opaque/Powers of Light and Darkness
The Rhino/Quasi
Cigarettes and Coffee/Otis Redding
Cold Blooded Old Times/Smog
Catholic Education/Teenage Fanclub
New Madrid/Uncle Tupelo
Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam/Vaselines
Options R/Wire
Los Angeles/X
Sugarcube/Yo La Tengo
Rafiki/Zap Mama

I'll let you know what response I get, and whether or not the mix I receive is as bone-crushingly awesome as this one.


Electramummy said...


Is that "dark end of the street" FBB the same as galas'?

Son of Ravyn said...

Yes, and no. It Was sung by Galas (With John Paul Jones, no less), but it was written by Chips Moman and Dan Penn and originally sung by James Carr in 1966. I didn't actually know this. I just love the FBB (and all Gram Parsons, really). Searching for the answer to your question, I stumbled upon this rather interesting blog post. I was going to simply create a link to the FBB track from my EZArchive account, but this blog already has one! Enjoy, and thanks for reading. Come back soon, and refer your friends.